The Good and bad effects Using Marijuana That You Should Know

Marijuana, also referred to as cannabis or hemp among many other titles, is an illegal drug derived from the cannabis plant found mostly in tropical and subtropical countries and cultivated for recreational and medical purposes. Most of the time, marijuana is smoked while others use it to create a more relaxing mood and for its medical claims. This article will deal with the various medical uses and good effects of  marijuana:

  • Marijuana has been used in several countries for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Most of the time, this drug was used as a replacement to other medications that are available in the market. In some countries, this drug is widely used to treat and prevent diseases like AIDS, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and arthritis.
  • Marijuana has certain properties which are thought to be useful in the treatment of certain types of ailments and conditions. By way of instance, marijuana includes certain chemicals that are thought to have anti-toxic and anti-inflammatory properties. This property makes bud very useful in treating some types of cancer such as lung cancer. They concluded that it might even be a fantastic choice for cancer patients to use this substance to relieve pain and nausea caused by chemotherapy treatments.
  • Additionally it is possible that marijuana can help in the treatment of other health problems. Many researchers are studying marijuana in the treatment of depression, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, anxiety and sleep disorders amongst others. There have also been reports about marijuana being effective in treating arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Some people might even say that marijuana can help in the treatment of schizophrenia, addiction to drugs and other psychological disorders. Needless to say, there are still doubts about the medicinal value of marijuana, so there are still uncertainties about its medicinal potential.

But, too much of everything is bad. it is still better for marijuana users to avoid using this drug to obtain the exact effects and benefits they get from smoking tobacco. This is because smoking marijuana has many health hazards. Besides, some users might also have bad habits that might cause harm to their health. Here are some of the bad effects:

  • Smoking marijuana can lead to the increase in the heart rate, blood pressure, increased saliva, and respiratory problems, which may cause problems to the respiratory system if marijuana users become addicted to the drug. Smoking marijuana can cause an increase in the blood pressure and heart rate. The nicotine content in marijuana increases the risk of mouth and nose infections, coughing, sore throat, and difficulty breathing.
  • Although marijuana can make you feel energized and good, it can also have some significant side effects. It can also increase the risks of having psychotic symptoms, suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, and paranoia. If marijuana is used for too long, it might also have an effect on memory, concentration, judgment, and thinking ability, and may result in depression and suicidal tendencies.

But, it must be said that this substance can be used safely if you’re aware of its side effects and pay attention to the strength or doses. Of the substance you use. Also, you should bear in mind that it takes time before your body adjusts to the drug. And that you might have to try different dose levels to experience the very best effects of marijuana.

If you choose to use marijuana for medical reasons, ensure you consult your physician first to be sure that it’s the ideal option for you and your needs. Remember that the most important thing to remember is to look after your body, health, and family while using this substance.